Measuring 1,75m and coming from the Songs, Yume, a hermaphrodite kistune with 9 tails and cream fur invites herself in your nocturnal and solitary dream. Her long hair is adorned with all kinds of talismans, giving her a coquettish look. She looks at you with her blue eyes, probing your every thought. None of your secrets escape her, knowing the most intimate ones and especially those that are currently crossing your mind at this moment. She comes closer, letting you pass your hand in her long fur. It is soft, it looks like velvet, and always with her eyes in yours, she sketches a smile. Yume takes your hand, brings it down on her chest and slowly you arrive on her belly, are things going to be limited there?


As you will surely have understood, Yume likes to take care of your dreams. She is calm, playful and can spend entire nights with you, in your dreams, your thoughts or even in her habitat, in the great wild forests. Still very close to wildlife, she hides within her a powerful and beautiful instinctive force from nature itself. Do not forget that you are in front of a divinity!

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