Vehyligy the Giant Lyzard


This jungle does not finish! I try as well as I can to advance in this thick greenery, but it seems that the more I advance and the more it closes on me. So much so that the light seems to have more and more difficulty to pass through the gigantic leaves of the trees which overhang the canopy. My lamp has run out of fuel and I am beginning to have trouble distinguishing where I am stepping. With all these unknown creatures that populate it, it would be unwise to walk where I shouldn't. I try to light myself with my remaining glow sticks to keep going.

It's been several hours since I've heard the different sounds of the forest. Instead, heavy footsteps in the vegetation resound not far from me, followed by long silences, waiting for me to resume my journey. I have the strange feeling that something is lurking in the dark and staying in my blind spots. I tried to turn around abruptly, hoping to flush out this thing hiding in the ferns. Then it seemed to me that from the corner of my eyes I saw a violet glow disappear into the darkness. I feel that I am being watched, and I don't like it at all. I don't have many glow sticks left and I have to keep moving. This jungle has to stop somewhere!

This time I'm sure it will. I don't know how, but with the little light I have left, I could see the creature following me. It seems to be of considerable size. It looks like a giant lizard, the size of a Shire. It is covered with very dark purple scales and some parts of its body seem to glow in the dark. I don't know its intentions yet, but I think it doesn't consider me as a prey. This one could have attacked a long time ago. But the silence that this thing makes reign does not reassure me for as much as I notice a thin layer of light, like a purplish fog, coming out of the bushes slowly. Is it her? It is covered with very dark purple scales and some parts of its body seem to glow in the dark.

The mist has covered most of the forest. I have some dizziness, erotic thoughts ? This giant lizard... I imagine us, him and me, abandoning ourselves to his libidinous and perverse thoughts, mixing our fluids, becoming one on his tense and well erected penis. Kissing his tongue, greedily swallowing the slightest bit of aphrodisiac saliva that this Vehyligy can provide. Yes, Vehyligy, that's your name, and what the hell is happening to me? I've never had such strong thoughts.

He's standing there, staring at me with his bright purplish eyes, devoid of pupils. He seems proud of his attributes that he presents to me like a lollipop, ready to be tasted. His look and his perverse smile make me think of an invitation; of an order. So be it. This lollipop will be mine. Whatever you wish, I will do it. I am totally devoted to you, forever. In the end, it's not so bad to be a prey.


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