The Fux


  • Length : 22 cm
  • Diameter : 5 cm (non knotted)
  • + Knot : 9 cm

Fux is a tall, handsome, slender and Modest Black Fox of 1m87 weighing not far from 70 Kg. His Orange bioluminescence and his Cyan eyes will illuminate your nights with tender and furious dominations.
His staff of light could as well wake you up at night with its 22 centimeters long for a wingspan of 5 centimeters. But will you be brave enough to spend his knot 9 centimeters in diameter on almost 7 cm ? Up to you...


Often calm and thoughtful, your phantasm on paw might surprise you and make you his object of desire. If you're not ready to receive corrections worthy of a spicy salsa sauce, try not to upset it. Have you ever found yourself facing a bull with warm blood?
But do not worry, if you're docile enough, the Fux will be gentle and understanding to bring you to seventh heaven with simple romantic murur. He may even leave you his hand ...
To summarize, the Fux is a wild animal that tames itself with patience and devotion.

Likes : 13 | Dislikes : 3
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