The Obsidian Dragon


  • Length : 32 cm
  • Diameter : 9 cm (non knotted)
  • + Knot : 13.8 cm

Do you have the soul of a chivalrous adventurer? Or a heroine in search of a challenge? This ad is for you!
A dragon with blood-color eyes and ambry black scales hides in the great northern forest and he is hungry ... His 32 cm rostrum is waiting for his victim with ardor! Few people have come back to talk about it, but the rare testimonies announce that it would be as rough as its scales and its diameter would be around 10 cm without speaking of a swollen knot to fill you every nook and cranny of your anatomy. Warning: once in the claws of this libidinous animal, it will be difficult for you to flee ...


With an insatiable appetite and deceit worthy of a fox, this dragon is usually hidden in the dark forests waiting like a spider in its web that a prey passes on its way ... If passing in one from these forests, it seemed to you to be observed, you had better stay on your guard, without doing in the lace, it might leave you a painful memory based on languages ​​and virilities wild.

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