Lorka Kin Rokanis


  • Length : 42 cm
  • Diameter : 12 cm (non knotted)
  • + Knot : 17 cm

Lorka is a gentle, affectionate, cuddly and protective dragon in his spare time. Its scales are black with sometimes some bluish tints. This one can make appear a cyan glow on the outline of its scales to wish.

Spend time with him and when he feels good with you or you sensually tease him he will become a great playmate, letting himself go up without too much trouble.


If you let him take you notice; his 42-centimeter limb may fill you up quickly. In case that would be too much for you, do not hesitate to let him know, he will be understanding ~ He likes to nip his shoulders and neck when he is in action. Have fun with your new companion and more surprises might be waiting for you ~

Likes : 23 | Dislikes : 2
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