The Felkin


  • Length : 58.4 cm
  • Diameter : 12.5 cm (non knotted)
  • + Knot : 20.2 cm

Half dragon, half canine, half cat, half horse, this creature can sometimes be fierce but remains friendly most of the time. Being able to reach the 1.85 m at the withers, which strolls under his crotch will give you palpitations to the imagination to manipulate this machine. With 58.4 cm long, 12.5 cm in diameter and a knot of 20.2 cm, I hope you do not have eyes bigger than the belly or you could be quickly exceeded! The felkin is certainly a friendly creature, but it remains no less an unpredictable animal ...


The Felkin remains generally calm and posed. He likes to hang out, sleep and relax in his meadow, basking in the sun. He'll let you get close enough so that you can come caress his coat, as soft as a rabbit. Approach your hand from his lower abdomen and he will take you with his reptilian eyes, a fixed look that will not leave you unmoved ... It's up to you!

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