The Artic Wolf


  • Length : 22 cm
  • Diameter : 5 cm (non knotted)
  • + Knot : 8 cm

In the arid plains of the North of the Americas is the Arctic Wolf. Measuring nearly a meter, this wild wolf difficult to find, usually lives alone, chasing his prey carpets in the snow. Caribou and Muskoxen are his favorite prey with lemmings and hares.
If you are brave enough to penetrate its territory, it will welcome you with all the delicacy of a predator, proving that he too can penetrate yours with his 22 cm ...


The arctic wolf is a loner. Not to talk about social with him. He will not seek your company and will rather try to make you emerge from his territory with fatal bites or kidneys. However, you can still try to soothe him with one or two pounds of meat to enjoy him.

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